Automatic, cost optimized, FTTH design, engineering & network planning software solutions.

ITSimplicity Solutions creates automatic network design & project planning software for the simplified engineering, planning and building of FTTH/FTTX Optical Fiber Networks .

  • With our software you are ready to automatically create accurate, high quality, GEO referenced, high-level and  low-level (detailed) FTTH/FTTX designs.
  • Our unique optimization algorithms enhance the design speed and reduce the optical fiber network materials & installation costs drastically.
  • The advanced online design reporting and project planning software will simplify your project management activities.

Our 2019 Software as a Service.

ITS-NetProgress will be offered as SaaS (Software as a Service).
This is our latest software for on-line FTTH / FTTX project management, project planning & building, monitoring & reporting.
With ITS-NetProgress, project management, access to the work at hand & progress reporting has become an on-line, team, activity.

It is based on our proven ITS-NetProject software that has been used on numerous OSP Telecom projects.
ITS-NetProgress is material manufacturer and supplier independent and will be released in the coming months.


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The software output will include:

  • Reliable, accurate FTTH/FTTX network designs (dwg/dxf & Google Earth)
  • Schematic network designs & plans (duct & cable)
  • Detailed reporting of costs and quantities (BOQ & BOM, Material & Labor reporting per project\area\activity)
  • Jointing, fiber splicing, schematics.
  • Project planning reports (including: task & sub-task planning, purchase, task release and progress reports)
FTTH design with satellite view and cadastral data

FTTH design with satellite view and cadastral data

FTTH schematic network view

FTTH schematic network view

FTTH splicing schematic

FTTH splicing schematic

FTTH/FTTX software summary

  • From idea to network concept, high-level to low-level, design to turn-key project planning & building
  • Automatic cost optimized FTTH/FTTX network design with CAD & GIS mapping
  • Flexible software, completely customizable per project
  • Interfaces with ESRI, SmallWorld & Openstreetmap
  • Mobile walk-in & walk-out FTTH design editing with tablet, phone or laptop
  • Direct view of the network plans in GoogleEarth
  • Extensive project planning software for FTTH/FTTX network projects
  • On-line material & contract management
  • On-line project management