FTTH Software, AI Optimized network design & Inventory

Fiber Network-AI is an modern SaaS FTTH software that covers all aspects of the FTTH project.


  • Impressive AI assisted Streetview surveys and the automatic creation, cost optimization, of network designs.
  • Intelligent network asset management.
  • The FTTH networks Digital Twin in GIS, Streetview, AR-augmented reality and in a 3D virtual world.
FTTH software network design with AI and integrated GIS

26,000 KM+

of processed optic fiber networks

Software: Fiber Network-AI

Company: NewChangerTech

Headquarters: Rome, Italy


  • AI assisted survey
  • AI Automatic network design
  • GIS
  • Schematics
  • Quantities, BoQ
  • Network inventory 
  • 3D views
  • Augmented reality
  • Digital Twin
  • Deep machine learning
  • SaaS
  • Cross-platform
FTTH software for the survey, design, building and asset management of fiber to the home network projects

FTTH software for automatic cost optimized projects

A solution for every phase of the FTTH project

The approach of the solutions offered is to support the customer in every phase involving any structure that deals with complex, linear or punctual infrastructures.

The experience gained over the years in heterogeneous sectors allows us to not only offer software applications of the highest quality, but also to jointly define with the customer the most effective workflow for every need.

Fiber Network-AI survey and design

  • Digital and innovative tools to simplify design activities 
  • Import current state data from Lidar, mobile mapping or smartphone (point clouds and meshes)
  • Remote walk-in tools with 3D models and measurable 360 spherical images
  • Project design with GIS tools directly overlay to the 3D digital twin
  • Automatic generation of project metric calculations with quantities and types of assets
FTTH software for the survey and design of the optic fiber network
FTTH software for the survey and design of the optic fiber network

FTTH project execution, building phase

  • Digital and innovative tools to simplify execution, monitoring and testing activities
  • Rapid geo-referenced collection of data in the field via smartphone  
  • Management of work progress
  • Immediate and reality-reflecting SAL accounting (SAL, Sign Agnostic Learning, is a deep learning approach for learning implicit shape representations)
  • Remote quality control and testing
  • Real-time access for both the client and the builder to the status of the works
  • Actual reconstruction of the as-built with the possibility of component recognition via AI
FTTH software for the execution - building phase of the fiber optic network
FTTH software for the execution - building phase of the fiber optic network

Network maintenance, asset management

Digital and innovative software for the operational management of FTTH networks

  • Always updated, as-built Digital Twin
  • Access to the history of construction information
  • An always-updated knowledge base available to field service operators
  • Augmented reality tools for superimposing the project on reality
FTTH project operational management with Augmented reality
FTTH project operational management with Augmented reality

Streamline the process: survey, design, building and asset management, of any optical fiber network project

Introducing our advanced Fiber to the Home, FTTH software solution, a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the entire process of designing, building, and commissioning fiber optic networks. 

Fully integrated within a GIS, this modern software ensures that all data is accessible and accurately mapped to real-world coordinates.

FTTH software with AI assisted cutting-edge technology

Our software leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Streetview and AI to conduct thorough indoor and outdoor surveys, effectively identifying buildings, numbers, and customer connection points. 

The FTTH network design is automatically generated within the GIS, offering detailed network schematics, Bill of Quantities (BoQ), and cost estimates.

Key features of the Fiber Network-AI include:

  • Census: Automatic building survey with the identification of house numbers, building units, number of floors, and salient features such as civil or commercial use. Read more…
  • 3D4U Digital Twin: Provides GIS and virtual 3D visualization, creating a digital replica of the entire network, including underground, aerial, and facade networks with aerial cables, duct networks, manholes, and handholes. Read more…
  • WiWo (Walk in Walk out): Utilizes AI for efficient survey processes, inside and outside, allowing for precise identification and data collection. Read more…
  • FttX Design: Automates fiber optic project designs within the integrated GIS. Read more…
  • Routing: Facilitates detailed network design, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Asset Mirror: Integrates with external systems for seamless data synchronization.
  • 3D4U-Augmented Reality: Brings augmented reality applications to life, aiding in visualization and planning. Read more…

Multi-user, cross-platform SaaS FTTH software

This multi-user, cross-platform SaaS software supports real-time data integration and features augmented reality and 3D virtual reality capabilities.

Its deep learning AI capabilities ensure continuous improvement and accuracy in network designs.

Additionally, the software allows the as-built network to be documented with standard mobile devices, ensuring all data is captured at real coordinates.

Multi platform software mobile tablet desktop

A flexible FTTH software solution

Our Fiber Network-AI software is designed to be flexible, enabling network engineers to modify AI-generated designs to fit specific project needs.

Project managers benefit from a comprehensive overview of the entire project, with the ability to zoom into the smallest details.


With over 20 years of experience and more than 26,000 kilometers of optic fiber networks designed, our software stands as a trusted solution in the industry.

The primary users include FTTH network engineers, network designers, surveyors, project engineers, project managers, network owners, and administrators.

Fiber Network-AI

The Fiber network-AI software is a next generation SaaS FTTH software from NewChangerTech with: integrated GIS, AI, 3D, Digital Twin, Augmented reality and much more…

The ITS software for FTTH network design and optimization, based on Autocad 3D, has been used for many FTTH projects around the world.

Here are some pages with a summary of the ITS FTTH software:


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Fiber Network-AI is a product of NewChangerTech (NCT) with headquarters in Rome, Italy. 

Fiber Network-AI is a proven solution, with over 26,000 kilometers of optic fiber networks designed. 

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