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Automatic FTTH network design

Automatic FTTH design optimization software

  • ITS-NetDesign™ is our  Autocad (Map3D) add-on dedicated to creating high-level and installer-ready, low-level, FTTH network designs. ITS-NetDesign™ creates all required labeling, BoQ, BoM, optical fiber and duct & cable schematics. As an option it uses the ITS-NetOptimus™ algorithms to enhance design speed and accuracy.
  • ITS-NetOptimus™ is our Windows application for automatic cost optimized FTTH design. It provides top speed network engineering and substantial network material and labor cost reductions. ITS-NetOptimus™ is an option to enhance design speed and accuracy.
FTTH design and satellite image, FTTH Software ITS
FTTH design and satellite image, FTTH Software ITS


This is our automatic material & labor cost optimized FTTH / FTTX network design software. This Windows application offers complex algorithms in an easy to use graphical network design tool. Now, cost optimized network designs are fully automatic, based on your own cost parameters. You can really design/engineer a network within minutes! This new software for FTTH/ FTTX optical fiber network design and engineering is simple to configure and simple to use. It will automatically list all possible network designs for an area, along with their costs.

ITS-NetOptimus™ will reduce your network engineering time drastically, it will improve your engineering output and quality at the same time.

Automatic design location Scotland area satellite image, FTTH software ITS
Basemap satellite image
Automatic design location Scotland with the Netoptimus FTTH software
NetOptimus creates the design
Automatic design location Scotland with the Netoptimus software distribution network level 1, FTTH Software ITS
The cost optimized network design

All output can directly be used in ITS-NetDesign™ and GoogleEarth™.


Advantages, why we made an FTTH add-on for Autocad (Map3D):

  • Designs are made with real coordinates, hybrid area image views with streets, roads, houses etc.
  • Autocad (Map3D) and ITS-NetDesign are completely customizable (even per customer/project)
  • Autocad is the largest in the world in CAD
  • Autocad features an APP for online drawing editing for survey and as-built purposes (walk-in and walk-out with a tablet)
  • The software is very fast and stable

Designing the network

In AutoCAD (Map3D) you see the area hybrid image with a top-view of the area with streets and buildings including street-names and numbers.

ITS-NetDesign™ offers all functions to convert data, re-use data and make a real accurate network design with the correct symbols, line-types, labeling and text that you require for your project.

FTTH design on a satellite image background, FTTH Software ITS
FTTH design on a satellite image background, FTTH Software ITS
FTTH design zoomed in with satellite image background, FTTH Software ITS
FTTH design zoomed in with satellite image background, FTTH Software ITS
FTTH design with a streetmap background, FTTH Software ITS
FTTH design with a streetmap background, FTTH Software ITS

Automatic features:

  • Project tasks / work-orders reports (layers & quantities per area / activity)
  • Fiber optic network entity relations, relative positions
  • Address information, numbering, labeling, coloring, dynamic text options
  • Fiber optic material & installation types & quantities
  • Calculation of: P2P & GPON, bandwidth, active/passive fibers, splitter types & quantities
  • Dynamic text (label, number, address, color, length and quantities related)
  • Creation of: layers, line-types, legend & header
  • Creation of: fiber optic network items (cables, ducts, trenches, manipulation-points etc.)

About the FTTH or FTTX project size

  • There are no project size limits
  • You can have an unlimited amount of concurrent designers / engineers
  • The software is fast, no matter the project size!

What can be designed

  • Cost optimized high-level and detailed FTTH/FTTX networks
  • Business case study designs
  • Fiber networks for: industrial complexes, oil-fields, public transport monitoring, metro/sub-way systems, connecting a large array of dishes etc..
  • GPON, P2P, mixed networks
  • Direct-buried, duct, micro-duct, aerial, aerial-microduct, retractable, ADSS short-span & long-span, mixed, networks
  • All types of optical-fibre cables (monotube, xtube, aerial, blown, facade, direct-buried)

Base map, input

FTTH/FTTX network OSP designs can be made based on certain info:

  • Cadastral drawings
  • Excel , csv data with home coordinates, pole positions etc.
  • Network drawings or shp files from existing copper, electricity networks with for example locations of poles, ducts, cabinets etc.
  • Or even without data: just an area location name or boundary line.

Reporting, output:

  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Bill of Labor (BOL)
  • Detailed network engineering, including as-built documentation
  • Fiber, Splicing schematics for all manipulation points
  • Duct-labeling drawings
  • Cable schematic drawings
  • Real coordinate Autocad (Map3D) drawings for implementing and/or permitting including all project specific symbols, labeling, text etc.

Customized implementation

  • Not all Fiber optic FTTH / FTTX networks are the same. 
  • Different network concept? 
  • Other products and installation methods? 
  • Your own labeling system for cables, connectors and other network elements? 
  • An added value to ITS-NetDesign™ is our Customized Implementation service.
  • You tell us the information you need and how you want it presented, and we can tailor your FTTH software accordingly, or we help you to do your own customization.