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FttH FttX network design

What is the FttX Design module?

Description of the FttX Design module in Fiber Network-AI

NewChangerTech’s FttX Design module, part of the comprehensive Fiber Network-AI suite, revolutionizes the design and management of fiber optic projects. This robust tool automates the entire process of creating and managing civil and optical infrastructure networks, seamlessly integrating with GIS for enhanced precision and efficiency.

FttX Design: Automates fiber optic network designs of civil and optical infrastructure networks within the integrated GIS.  

FttX FttH automatic network design within GIS with satellite images
FttX FttH automatic network design within GIS with satellite images

Key Features of FttX Design:

  1. Customizable Database:
    • The suite’s database is fully configurable, providing maximum flexibility to accommodate various network types.
    • Users can independently configure each entity, ensuring fluid operations across different network scenarios. Customization options include:
      • Types of Buildings: Define and categorize various building types within the network.
      • Types of Infrastructures: Configure different infrastructure elements based on project needs.
      • Types of Artifacts: Specify dimensions and materials for different network components.
      • Types of Pipes: Customize pipe specifications to meet design requirements.
      • Types of Optical Cables: Detail cable characteristics and colors for precise network planning.
      • Types of Optical Devices: Include various optical devices needed for network implementation.
      • States of Work Execution: Track the progress and status of ongoing projects.
      • States of User Sellability: Manage and monitor user activation status.
  2. Web Portal Integration:
    • The web portal features a dedicated interface with a comprehensive set of functions, allowing users to consult data generated by the Census and Routing modules, as well as field data collected via the WiWo survey module.
    • This integration ensures all relevant information is accessible within the design environment, facilitating a seamless transition from data collection to network design.
    • Key functionalities include real-time data updates, interactive maps, and intuitive user interfaces that enhance user experience and project management efficiency.
  3. Advanced Design Capabilities:
    • Preliminary Data Analysis: Conduct thorough initial analyses to shape project areas accurately.
    • Shaping of Project Areas: Define project boundaries and intervention areas with precision.
    • Design of Civil Infrastructure and Optical Network: Develop detailed designs for both civil and optical infrastructure, ensuring all aspects of the project are covered.
    • Design of Fiber Optic Connections: Plan and implement robust fiber optic connections tailored to project specifications.
    • The module supports both 2D GIS-based design and 3D immersive environment design, providing a comprehensive toolkit for network engineers and project managers.
  4. Data Management and Export:
    • Geographical and Project Vector Data (GEOJson): Export detailed geographical and vector data for use in various applications.
    • Graph and Report Generation: Automatically generate synoptic graphs, junction diagrams, BOQs, CMEs, and production monitoring reports.
    • Automated Metric Calculations: Perform accurate metric calculations for project components, ensuring precise resource planning and cost estimation.
    • Project Status Updates: Continuously update project statuses, reflecting real-time changes and progress.
  5. Network Management:
    • User Activation Management: Efficiently manage user activation processes, ensuring seamless integration into the network.
    • As-Built Project Changes: Automatically update project documentation to reflect changes made during construction, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records.
FttX FttH automatic network design with GIS and network schematic
FttX FttH automatic network design with GIS and network schematic

Digital and Innovative Tools:

  • 3D Digital Twin: Overlay project designs directly onto the 3D digital twin for enhanced visualization and accuracy. This integration allows for a clear representation of the network in its actual environment.
  • Remote Querying and Measurement: Utilize advanced remote querying and measurement tools to verify network components and ensure accuracy without the need for frequent site visits.
  • Project Reports: Generate comprehensive project reports and metric calculations automatically, streamlining the documentation process.
  • Work Progress Visualization: Graphically manage and filter project status views to monitor progress effectively, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Benefits to Our Customers:

  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Achieve data precision down to the centimeter, essential for accurate metric calculations and efficient resource allocation.
  • Reduced Site Visits: Benefit from a significant reduction in supervisor site visits—up to 70%—thanks to remote control and measurement capabilities. This reduction translates to lower travel costs and increased productivity.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Realize a 30-50% reduction in alignment activities and associated costs, leading to faster project completion and lower overhead.
  • Improved Quality Control: Gain greater quantitative and qualitative control over completed works, with the ability to certify activities as completed to a high standard.
  • Risk Mitigation: Lower risks related to double processing, penalties, and delays, resulting in overall cost savings and smoother project execution.


Experience the power of NewChangerTech’s FttX Design module, and streamline your fiber optic infrastructure projects with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

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