ITS-Fiber Engineer™ trial:

As a special introduction to our FTTH software we offer the ITS-Fiber Engineer™ software trial: a 2-month subscription with a complete assortment of ITSimplicity software.


  • Maximum flexibility with customization options for different network options.
  • Local operation, fast and secure.
  • Uses the Autodesk platform: professional design functionality and multiplatform options.


  • Unlimited amount of iterations, alternative modelling of the fiber network, even after the 2-month trial period


  • Each trial customer has its own dedicated database.
  • The data is secured. It is hosted by Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • All communication is SSL encrypted.
  • You are free to create project materials, plant units and suppliers
  • Web-based, no installation required. Easy accessible.

On-line support, documentation and instruction movies.

ITS-Fiber Engineer allows for a complete trial of ITSimplicity software applied to a project of choice. Start creating your cost-optimized automatic design quick and accurate with ITS-NetDesign™, with the FREE option of network optimization with ITS-NetOptimus™. Then easily import your Fiber network design and start planning your project with ITS-NetProgress™, with automatic BOQ and BOM reporting! Not only is the workflow of ITS-Fiber Engineer™ based on years of experience with FTTH projects, the transition from each software to the next is fluid. This allows for fast design and planning times and maximum convenience for engineers.

The ITS-Fiber Engineer™ trial includes:

  • ITS-NetDesign LT™ is a light version of our Fiber design software ITS-NetDesign™ with all core functions and newest updates.
  • ITS-NetOptimus™ is the full version of our FTTH optimization software, with 250 FREE credits (FTU) to try out. ITS-NetOptimus™ uses optimization algorithms to lower material quantities and reduce trenching and/or aerial installation work, leading to lower costs.
  • ITS-NetProgress™ is the full version of our newest web-based FTTH project management (Fiber planning & building) software.
  • 2-month trial period + a significant discount + support.

We offer the ITS-Fiber Engineer™ FTTH software trial for €290 (Including 250 credits for ITS-NetOptimus™).

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For more detailed information about ITS-NetProgress™ we refer to our planning website

View the Fiber planning promotion video for ITS-Fiber Engineer™ (2:15)