Project Description

FTTH network registration and documentation in GIS
ITS-NetID™ is made for the documentation of multiple FTTH / FTTX networks.
Because of our vast project experience: this software is easy to learn and easy to operate.
The network information is presented in interactive GIS maps and printable views with text and graphics.
ITS-NetID™ is a very flexible, customizable, Windows application that offers the detailed documentation of ducts, cables, fibers, splices, ODF’s, etc. with their locations, and connections.
It offers the simple ‘one click’ creation of fibre connections / jointing schematics and it features handy routing, trace and search functions for all fibers, cables, micro-ducts, ducts and manipulation points.
The integrated GIS supports On-the-fly re-projection of vector, raster, and grid layers between coordinate systems for real-time map display.
All information is directly available for multiple users.
There is direct access to: Images and photos, OTDR measurements, Datasheets, As built-in information or any other document type.
Customization for a certain type of project is easy with the Lego-like customizable building blocks.