Project Description

FTTH design and satellite view

FTTH design and satellite view

ITS-NetDesign™ is our proven FTTH network design and engineering software.

Proven? Yes, this FTTH design software solution has been developed within the same project department that built Telecom networks around the world, for more than 25 years.


  • Simple to customize
  • Short implementation time
  • Fast design
  • Direct material and labor quantities
  • Based on real coordinates, satellite images and any locally available data
FTTH design and cadastral data

FTTH design and cadastral data

This Autocad (Map3D)-add-on works with the ease, speed and functionality of regular Autocad  (Map3D) and produces all fundamental & installer-ready detailed FTTH network designs.

The software offers fully automated FTTH P2P and GPON calculations within the Autocad (Map3D) environment.

It has simple to use functions to:

  • Manipulate and modify a network design
  • Access the network materials and labor data

It is now very easy to create detailed FTTH network designs with dynamic text and automatic labeling, automatic cable design and line-trace functions.

All network design quantities and cost details are direct available.

As a network designer / engineer you have all possible ways to create your best network design by using the:

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic network design functions

The designer / engineer stays in total control to modify the design at any time.

This customizable FTTH network engineering software is made for very large network designs and many concurrent designers but can also be used for very small designs (industrial, business area etc.).

FTTH design Amsterdam

FTTH design Amsterdam

Regarding scenarios and creating a detailed network, FTTH design.

By automating, sequencing and simplifying components and processes, our design and planning software helps analyse and visualize scenarios easily and quickly, information needed to support ?nancial business case scenario planning. Using site survey ?ndings, initial estimations of BoQ, BoL and BoM can be enhanced as part of a highly detailed design. Relying on our design & engineering solutions is the quick and easy way to build a solid business case for the topology and deployment options for your network and to be certain of investing in a robust, future-proof, cost efficient, high performance network. From concept to detailed design, development, building and maintenance of networks for crowded cities or rural regions, with our integrated FTTH / FTTX software solutions you have everything covered. Our network design software maps, con?gures, optimizes and calculates costs of network concepts in seconds. Changes and variations are easy to implement whilst designing and even after installation.