Some software functionality details for the web-based version of our FTTH network planning tool ITS-NetProject™:

Material & labor: the software will show detailed information regarding labor and materials and their costs for each phase of the project per area\task\sub-task.

Planning: the detailed planning of the project is done via a Gantt chart that shows, per task, the planning & actual progress.

Roles: the user roles are fully customizable! Different types of project information will be accessible by different types of users.

Some role examples:

  • The administrator defines roles, users and creates projects
  • An engineer gets access to material and labor definitions
  • A designer gets access to the design part
  • A subcontractor has access to related tasks\sub-tasks and progress reporting
  • The project manager uses the project dashboard to get a quick overview of the whole project

The project dashboard diagrams will show the mayor indicators per project phase and the statistics section.

Alerts & warnings: if an action is required, an alert or a warning is shown in the top toolbar. For example: the project manager can get an alert if the approval of a progress report is required.

More details regarding our new planning software will follow!