This is our latest software for online FTTH / FTTX project management, project planning, building, monitoring and reporting.

With ITS-NetProgress, project management, access to the work at hand and progress reporting have become an online team activity.

ITS-NetProgress will be offered as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Software installation and maintenance

  • We host the application and make it available to customers over the Internet. We take care of maintenance & updates.
  • For integrity, safety and convenience: each account has its own, dedicated, encrypted Cloud based database.
  • Cloud computing: no need to worry about things such as storage and power.

The software contract

  • Contract costs are related to the amount of projects and users.
  • Each account can contain one or more projects.
  • The customer’s account can be accessed by one or more users. The first user has administrator rights and is able to modify/create user roles and create other users.
  • Roles are freely definable, but to make it easy ITS-NetProgress contains pre-defined roles: account administrator, project manager, project controller, project supervisor and sub-contractor.
  • Users can have limited/defined access to certain projects.


  • Team work: collaborate everywhere, through personal computer and mobile devices.
  • Direct reporting of the designed quantities and costs.
  • GANNT chart planning of the project per area, per activity, per contractor\team (Tasks & sub-tasks).
  • Release of the work or part of the work to (sub)contractor(s).
  • Reporting of project progress and graphical view in GoogleEarth.
  • Quick overview via the project dashboard of the costs and amount of FTU per project phase/status.
  • Alerts and notifications are automatically made to suggest certain items within a project require further attention.