ITS-Netdesign LT™ 2020 version is now available.

The software is capable of producing precise CAD/GIS based designs and remains very customizable with: simple to change menu’s / toolbars and functions.

Customize: you can add your own items, materials and installation units/codes while making a design or by editing the standard menu items.

Modify: it is very easy to change a design, edit layers, colors, labeling, coordinates, symbols, linetypes, cable & duct types etc.

News for 2020:

There are new standard toolbars (1-5) for the manual & automatic design of Direct Buried, Duct & Aerial networks.

Toolbars 1 & 2:

Included are automatic functions to design:

  • Underwater crossings, Directional drilling, Bridge assemblies, Facade networks etc etc
  • Aerial drops (to the nearest, existing/new, pole) & Duct drops (to the nearest main, existing/new, duct)
  • Trail surfaces (Tiles, Bricks, Asphalt etc.)

Toolbar 3, optional is the usage of ITS-NetOptimus™ software for cost optimization, large network designs, high design output

Toolbar 4 offers automatic calculation functions for different levels of the network:

  • Cables and Manipulation Points are calculated according your network concept settings.

Toolbar 5 offers functions to create network schematics and to do the reporting of quantities & costs via ITS-NetProgress™