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FTTH Indoor-Configurator™

Our online free calculation tool for FTTH / FTTX indoor networks.

This is a web-based application which extends the functionality of the ITSimplicity software by giving project managers and engineers the ability to visualize, analyse and cost typical FTTH / FTTX indoor installations prior to making a final implementation choice.

Automatic indoor network concept calculations:
Direct Cable
VertiCasa Flex

Direct access to:
Concept descriptions
Component descriptions
Component pictures

Per FTTH / FTTX indoor network calculation:
Description of the selected concept
Detailed visualization of buildings
Detailed labour and bill of material information


Best cable drum usage, cable & wire cut optimizer

ITS-DrumFit™ is an advanced cable/wire cut optimizer program that calculates the best way to cut multiple cable/wire lengths from one or more cable/wire drums or standard lengths.

It can be used at any location where specific cable/wire lengths are required and a certain amount of stock drums / standard lengths is available.

ITS-DrumFit™ has very fast algorithms that result in the best solution for cable/wire lengths usage. ITS-DrumFit™ minimizes cable/wire waste/cut losses.

This free downloadable tool is available in 19 languages. (Including: Arabic, Russian, Chinese)

Current ITS-DrumFit™ usage:
- Cable factories
- Shipyards
- Wire suppliers
- Installers
- And many more…