About us

Our company ITSimplicity Solutions BV is a Dutch company based in The Netherlands. Before 2013 we were part of a worldwide operating Telecommunication Project Department which was owned by NKF (Nokia & Philips) and Draka (Prysmian). Within that department we were responsible for the creation of all software to support the design, planning and building of OSP Telecommunication networks. We created software for: copper cable, fiber backbone, fiber to the business and fiber to the home networks.

Through a management buyout, we took over all Draka software. Since 2013 we are a totally independent company and offer completely customizable software solutions for FTTH / FTTX and support all network concepts, suppliers and customers.

Project planning vision

Our FTTH software network design & planning tools are the result of more than 25 years of experience in designing, engineering, planning, installing and commissioning communication networks.

In order to simplify the complex process of planning & building FTTH / FTTX networks we use Lego-like ‘building blocks’ to control & steer the project!

While showing all project information in clear dialog-screens, any project can be designed, planned & build.

Our project management software uses, within each project, three ABC levels:

Area, activities / tasks & sub-tasks


Building blocks: combinations of materials and labor


Components / network materials



Each FTTH / FTTX network or project, is unique, according to ITS; its characteristics depend on such factors as geography, the history of the market, national and local regulation, and more. Many of the variables involved are interconnected; improve one variable and you may compromise another, in ITS’s estimation. We can help navigate these waters through our in-depth understanding of the key considerations, best practices in making smart technology choices, and mixing standard cabling products and proven experience with real-world fiber installations.

We support companies to utilize our software for:

    • Developing network concepts
    • Business case support with detailed costs & quantities
    • Cost optimization of material usage & installation time
    • High-level & Low-level / installer-ready design
    • Creating duct, cable & fiber/jointing schematics
    • Full service, turn-key FTTH / FTTX project planning
    • As-built, network commissioning


We do not limit ourselves to FTTH projects in Europe; ITS Solutions has references to FTTH projects all over the world. With our experience and software, millions of connections have been established.

The reference list includes: GPON, P2P, direct-buried, duct, micro-duct, aerial, aerial-microduct, ADSS short-span & long-span, copper cables, optical-fiber cables, industrial complexes, FTTH business cases, special networks for: public transport monitoring, metro/sub-way systems, dishes etc.

Reference list:

Africa: Botswana; Ghana; Mali; Mauritius, Rwanda; South Africa, Tanzania; Zimbabwe
Asia: Kazakhstan; South-Korea; Sri Lanka; Thailand, Vietnam
Caribbean: Curacao, Saint Martin
Europe: Croatia, Denmark; England; Germany; Italy, Netherlands; Norway; Scotland; Sweden; Switzerland
Middle-East:  Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Oceania: Australia
South America: Suriname

Project references